Whimsy! - A collection of the fanciful and spontaneous...

Hi everyone!

I decided to create my first ever Treasury on Etsy yesterday (for those of you who are not sure what a Treasury is, it's a collection of items that I have hand-picked to fit into a certain theme). All of the items in my Whimsy! Treasury are available to purchase from Etsy...

I thought long and hard about a good theme for my Treasury. It seemed that the seasons have all been done, colours have been explored and textures been investigated...I wanted to find a subject that was a little more unsual.

I seem to be drawn to things that are just a little bit quirky. But they have to be pretty, too. So I trawled Etsy for what I feel fits the theme 'Whimsy!' particularly well. I am really pleased with the result, as the Treasury looks great. Please take a look at these talented artisans by clicking the link below:

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