Finding who 'you' want to be...

When I say 'you', I mean the creative 'you'. What 'you' stand for.

Now, I used to think that this was quite a simple decision. Surely it is easy to decide what 'you', as a creative mind, are all about. But after years of to-ing and fro-ing, going backwards and forwards, and the constant changing of minds...I've realised that that's it. It's not the final outcome that makes you who 'you' are, it's the journey that you go on to pursue the final goal.

Let me explain further...

I have always had quite a 'straight forward' mind. I like things to be neat (well, I struggle with this one when it comes to my home!) and well ordered. I really don't like confusion, and a messy mind. I like to keep things simple...and focussed. Making 'jewellery' has never been enough for me - I always wanted to create a 'collection' - a cohesive collection of items that work together, and are easily identifiable as 'my designs'. I have strived, and to an extent continue to strive, to get to this goal. I have honed and refined my techniques and materials to the point where I now have my collection...I now design and create pieces made primarily from Swarovski crystal, and for the most part they are designed with either a bride or special occasion in mind, such as the example below:

Aphrodite Necklace (
 However it is becoming more and more apparent to me that despite reaching the point that I have been working towards for all of this time, it does not satisfy me. I have created what I always wanted to create - a range of jewellery specifically designed for the bridal market - however that no longer seems to be enough for me. It is this changing of spirit that led me to post about this particular subject. I am starting to believe that the journey you embark on to find who you want to be, as an artist, and the final product that you create, is essentially who you are. It's all about the journey.
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