Mistakes are not mistakes if you learn something...

Hi everyone!

I just came across this saying, and it really struck true with me.

We all do things that we either regret doing, or feel self-critical when things go wrong. Well, I know I certainly do! I think that when you when you care deeply about something, and that something doesn't work out like you imagined it would, it is easy to become defeated and deflated. Whether it be a project we are working on that doesn't go to plan, or an argument with a friend or family member, we do come across these situations in life where we think to ourselves 'I wish I hadn't done that...'.

Over the last few months, I have often tried out new techniques or used new materials, and the end result wasn't the one I wanted. If something I am working on doesn't work out, I often feel that I have 'failed'. But 'failure' is such a strong word...surely failure is not giving it a go in the first place? This is now becoming my mindset...how will I know if I don't try? And if trying means mistakes along the way, who cares? How can we expect to learn from life if we don't face the fear, and do it anyway?

If there is something that you are wanting to try out, but are reluctant to go for it in case it doesn't pan out, how will you ever know if you don't give it a try? It will either work, or it won't. If it works, you've achieved what you set out to, and should be proud! If it doesn't work, you will have learned something about why it hasn't worked, and you should be proud! Because now that you have tried, you can start to think around the situation in a different way, because now you have something to work from. If we are learning, we are growing... :0)

Hope you enjoyed my little musing for today xxx
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