An example of poor business ethics...

Hi everyone!

This is my musing for today!

As a small home-run business, I always keep  my eyes open for opportunities where I may find the opportunity to sell my work. Sometimes the piece sells on the spur of the moment in the most unlikely place, and sometimes I actively seek out the best place to be to make a sale. Today was an example of the latter - I attended a bridal fayre, with the hope that brides and bridesmaids will see my work, and hopefully will want to work with me to create their perfect bridal jewellery.

However I am always, always aware that business is not always straight forward, and opportunities may present themselves the most surprising of ways. My mind is always open to the possibility of making new connections and potential future business, wherever I am and whatever I am doing. Surely having an open mind, and a non-judgemental approach, is the best way to promote your business?

I approached a cake maker today at the bridal fayre. Although I was there as a stall holder, I was also a potential customer for them. I am currently looking for a cake for an event I have coming up shortly, and as the cake maker had 'cakes for any occasion' displayed on their banner, I thought I would investigate what they could offer me. They had samples of their cake on the table, and when I asked what type of cake they do, they said they would offer me a sample, but they are for the brides, and not the stall holders.

Now I understand that businesses at this type of event would not want their samples going to people who are clearly just out to get a 'freebie'. But had the cake maker have listened, she would have heard that I was actually a potential customer, and not just another stall holder. I was really quite incensed by this - surely it is so presumptious that I wouldn't buy from her just because I wasn't a bride?

I went to another cake maker at the same event, and she was more than happy to let me try one of her samples, and it was delicious. I would definitely consider the second company for the purchase of my cake - I would not consider the first due to their poor attitude, and I feel that this is such a shame for them. Their cake may have been really yummy - but I didn't get the chance to find out, which ultimately may have lost them a sale.

So the moral of the story - don't assume! Be aware that custom can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes...and usually in the place you'd last expect to find it!

Cerries xxx
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