So what's with the Swarovski, then?

Diamonds are a girls' best friend, right?

Not when you can't afford them!

Swarovski Crystal, for me, not only looks stunning, but it's also a fabulous medium to work with. I'll do another post I think on the history of Swarovski (and what makes it special in a technical way) - I just wanted to share with you why I love working with it.

Jewellery that has been made with Swarovski beads or pendants GRABS ATTENTION!!! I have found now that people nearly always comment on the jewellery I am wearing, and how striking it is. Swarovski beads and stones have such a brilliant cut, that the light catches from every angle. This applies to their whole range of products - from the tiniest of bicone beads (like in the hair barettes above) to the larger pendants.

But having said that, the thing I love so much about Swarovski is that whilst it is attention-seeking, it can do so in quite a subtle way. Sometimes in my pieces I use very little Swarovski - because that is all that is needed. Just a hint of sparkle is often enough to turn a piece of jewellery from bland, to beautiful. The versatility of using Swarovski is one of the things I love about using it - I am in control of the bling-ometer. Some of my designs are completely full-on blingtastic, and they are just stunning. But sometimes, stunning is not what is called for by the wearer. If you wore my 'Tiffany' bracelet just going down to Tesco, you may get a few funny looks...

'Tiffany' Bracelet -

So, what I find so great about Swarovski is that it gives me the opportunity to create both stunning and simple. Or sometimes a bit of both... :0)
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