Inspiration! Look at this quote I found...

Morning everyone!

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I came across something this morning whilst I was browsing the net, and it really resonates with me. I'm sure that any creative person trying to 'make it' with their work will appreciate these wise words, but I think it can apply to anyone and everyone. Sometimes I think it's hard to see the wood for the trees, and it's easy to forget what we're really striving for. There are times in life when we can become complacent - especially if you have been trying to achieve something over a long period of time. So here goes...(ps. I have no idea who wrote this, and where it came from...)

"No more time to waste, no more excuses
Gotta reach out your arms and embrace the sun
No more time for self-pitying abuses
Gotta stand up and shout and say
'I am The One'
'Cause there's been too much crying and talk of being free
Gotta jump off that cliff and be who you were born to be..."

I just love this. I am forever saying 'Oh I'd love to do this...' or 'Wouldn't it be great if I could do that?'...but whether due to lack of confidence or just plain laziness, the act never materialises. So if you're feeling like you've come to a standstill in whatever it is you're trying to achieve - read those words above again, and go and embrace the sun :0)

C xxx
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