A little bit about me...

I guess it would be helpful (and hopefully entertaining) if I told you a little bit about myself. So the first couple of posts will fill in the story so far...

My name is Cerries (hey, it's as good a place to start as any!) and I live in North Wales in the UK. I live with my husband, Andy, who is my best friend (I can hear you groaning from here!), and our furry friends - Cadbury (the dog) and Charley and Izzy (the cats).

I'm also expecting our first child...our little daughter is due on July 6th 2011. So I guess the joys of pregnancy may come into this blog once or twice! (or not, if my heartburn is particularly bad...you may see another side to me then!!).

I work in the financial sector, although this is by no means my forte. I work part time (just two and a half days a week), which leaves me lots of time for my real passion in life...being creative. I love being creative. Sometimes I feel I'm not very good at it.

From a very early age I have always been into making 'stuff'. I say 'stuff' because my early creations were not particularly refined (dolls house made from a cereal box etc), and I have continued to feed my desire for making things over the years. I did art at school - I have GCSEs and A-Levels (and three quarters of a universtity degree) in art and graphic design. I was always doodling. I appreciate art in strange places. I don't appreciate art snobs.

So that, in a very small nutshell, is me. Cerries. 26. Married (with one on the way). Creative. Sometimes finds being creative a challenge.
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