Dreaming the impossible dream...?

Hi everyone!

I've been thinking....(dangerous, I know!)

Is it really possible, in today's over-saturated market, to make a living from doing something that you love to do?

I work part time in a building society, which, although is not my passion in life, does pay some of the bills. But at what point do we give in to living a humdrum lifestyle - plodding along every day, sometimes gritting our teeth at the prospect of another dreary day in the office - all just to 'pay the bills'?

I imagine that not everyone finds themselves in this situation. My husband is a prime example - he is a retail manager, and whilst his job is very strenuous and stressful, he genuinely really enjoys his job. He gets a real buzz out of going into work - he comes home tired, but satisfied after a busy day doing something he loves to do.

I, on the other hand, sadly do not share his sentiments. I have always wanted to make my own set of circumstances - take control of my own actions. Whilst I don't mind working within a team of colleagues, there has always been something hugely appealing to me about being my own boss, and my idea of a dream career would be to turn my passion for making jewellery into a sustainable business.

But is this dreaming the impossible dream? Is there a place for handmade in today's society? I feel that more and more people are turning to handmade goods to get away from the mass-produced predictability that we so often see crammed in the shops and on the internet....

I'm quite tired tonight (probably from the excitement from the arrival of the new pendants this morning!) so that's all I can write for now...but it is definitely a subject I will be revisiting very soon!

Cerries xxx
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