Honing in...

So to continue with the story...

I have been making jewellery for years. Well, when I say 'making jewellery', I mean...trying out different techniques, learning new ways of doing things, working out how things fit together, getting an idea for what materials I do and don't like. To be honest, this part of the process would probably have made quite an interesting blog to follow. I have tried so, so many different types of products, materials, techniques...it would have been great to have shared with you all what I found hot, or not.  Here are some examples of my earlier pieces, that I can honestly say that although they are not examples of my best work, have played a vital part in forming what I design and create today...

But as it is now, I feel I am starting to 'get somewhere'. After working through copious amounts of beads to find the special qualities I have been searching for, I finally found it. I found it in the form of Swarovski crystal.

I think I'll do a whole different post on my love affair with Swarovski, but for now, the point I am trying to make is I have found a medium (and therefore style) that I am comfortable with. I tried making earthy, bohemian type jewellery, using lots of natural materials, and it just didn't seem to sit right with me. I tried going down the Venetian glass route...although I love a lot of the ever-so-pretty glass and lampwork beads available on the market today (and could quite happily sit just looking at a bowl of them), they just didn't 'do it' for me.

So, after months (if not years) of trial and error, I have found a style of jewellery that is 'me'. Now I also went through a stage of trying to 'appeal to all markets'. Whilst the idea in itself was not a bad one, again it just wasn't, and isn't, for me. I really wanted to find a material and style I was PASSIONATE about...and then stick to it. I feel that there is nothing worse than sitting down to create a bunch of jewellery that you like, but don't adore. I feel it shows in the end result.

Part of the problem for me, therefore, has been the expense in creating my 'style'. As my husband often comments, it's absolutely typical that I would choose a medium that also happens to be one of the more expensive of the ones I have tried. But for me, it's worth every single penny. The feeling I get from being surrounded by sparkling Swarovski crystal is just magical...and I hope it shows in the pieces I produce.

My current collection, I feel, is just the beginning. It's a starting point for the next stage of the journey...
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