Charmed, I'm sure...!

One thing I have been wanting to make for some time now are mobile phone charms.

Now I'm not one to dress up to my poor iPhone is not-so-delicately 'shoved' in an boring black leather case. But I think one of the reasons I'm not into 'blinging' up my mobile is because all of the accessories I have seen are all...well...naff (to put it politely).

So here is my solution! I have created a super-sparkly, yet simple, mobile phone charm that will brighten up any handset! I'm going to be lauching a range of these cute Swarovski mobile phone charms, but here is the first. It features a stunning Swarovski 18mm Vitrail Light Heart pendant, and that's all it needs! So simple, but yet really eye-catching. Now available to buy on my Etsy shop for £9.50, and comes in a little organza pouch. This would make an ideal gift!

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