First ever edition of my e-newsletter sent today!

Hi everyone!

I have been wanting to do a newsletter for some time, but it's something I've never quite had the time to look into properly.

So I have been busy researching away lately, and after weeks of work I finally sent out my first ever newsletter! I actually found writing the newsletter quite challenging - I wanted to put enough information in it to ensure it was an interesting read, with relevant details about Carabijoux, but I also didn't want to put too much! Figuring out the content has been quite hard, but I think it has turned out well in the end!

I'm going to try and do a newsletter every month if I can...I think it's a really good way to keep my customers updated with new products and what I have been up to. Hopefully they will get better and better each time I do's all a big learning curve! :0)

If anyone would like to subscribe to the newsletter there is a quick sign-up link on the right side of this blog...I'd love to welcome you to my subscriber list!

Cerries x
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