Own website and Etsy...why both? The trials of 'becoming known'

If there are any Etsians out there reading my blog (and if there are, a special welcome to you!), you will have to excuse my slight ignorance. I do happen to have a big sign suspended from my forehead that says 'Beware. Esty Newbie'.

I am completely new to the world of Etsy. For those of you that have no idea what Etsy is (which was me until a few days ago) it is an online marketplace specifically designed to promote artisans producing handmade items. You can visit my Etsy shop by going to www.etsy.com/shop/carabijoux.

I also have my own website - http://www.carabijoux.co.uk/ - which has taken me a couple of years to design and build, and has been very much a labour of love. But what I have come to learn and realise (which had I have not been so naive I may have realised much sooner) is that a website does NOT mean that people will get to see your work. Unless you are out in the public domain continually telling people that it exists, people will not find it. Yes I do come up on Google (if you type in 'Carabijoux' on a Google search) but for obvious reasons this is not a particularly good marketing strategy...

So this, I sincerely hope, is where Etsy may come into play for me. Etsy is an international platform, and it will provide me with an opportunity to get my designs 'out there'. Even if my Etsy experiment amounts to nothing, I know that at least a handful of people have been viewing my listings. Which in itself is a fantastic feeling.

Of course I have fees to pay on Etsy, which I would not have to pay should a customer buy from my own personal website. But as it stands, I don't have anyone visiting my own site, so this is irrelevant.

I will of course keep you all updated with any progress that I may, via either outlet!!!
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