I think I need a new approach to blogging...

Well faithful followers, I think I need to re-think my blogging strategy.

It may appear on the surface that I have been shirking my blogging responsibilities. However it's more a case of 'bloggers block' (if there is such a thing..). You would not believe the amount of times I start a blog post, then my mind goes blank, despite having a huge amount to say. I often lie awake at night with ideas and post subjects racing through my mind..but when I sit down to type, it's like someone opened the trap door and they fell through...

I think I've been taking this whole blogging thing too seriously. Don't get me wrong...I take my blog very seriously, but this seriousness has started to verge on procrastination. Wow that's a big word for someone so tired and weary! By nature, I'm a bit of a perfectionist (well, in some things anyway!), and if something is even remotely unsatisfactory, I discard it, feeling guilty for just having spent half an hour typing only to hit the delete button prematurely.

So...from now on, I'm not going to think too much about it. I'm just going to type what I feel, and quit the procrastination. Life's too short, and I have lots I want to share with you!

I just hope you find what I have to share interesting ;0)
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