Having a baby = not enough hours in the day!

Well hello there!

Once again, I do feel the need to apologise for my lack of posts...I promise I haven't forgotten about you all! They say babies are hard work..well, that's definitely true lol! Poppy is now 16 weeks old, and we're finally settling in to some sort of routine...which includes sessions of giggling, interspersed with hysterical crying ;0)...

Being a mummy is more than I could ever have expected it to be...exciting, scary, overwhelming, wonderful...she is my world, and nothing could ever compare to seeing the big grin on her face when she sees me first thing in the morning...

Well, enough of the soppy stuff...! Although I haven't been posting much on my blog, I have been full steam ahead where Carabijoux is concerned. Despite the challenges of caring for a newborn, I have somehow managed to increase my line of designs, and learned new techniques and found inspiring new ideas to share with you...

It was always my intention to build on the amount of designs I have in my shop...but as with all small businesses, adding inventory does take time. So I decided to really listen to the feedback my Facebook fans and customers have been giving me on what they would like more of, and one thing that really stood out was a need for small, simple earrings. So I researched..then researched some more...and researched some more again...until I finally found the materials I needed to make some fabulous Swarovski stud earrings. Now this probably sounds quite easy - I have to admit I didn't think finding the right materials for these would be so difficult! But it took me a long time (and a LOT of trial and error!) to get these earrings just right.

Swarovski Crystal Sterling Silver Stud Earrings (http://www.etsy.com/listing/84238354/swarovski-stud-earrings-crystal-ab)
 I am currently making these earrings in different colours, as they're just so versatile...watch this space!

Anyway..I'd better go get to work! We are moving house in just over a week, so lots to do! I will update later, and I promise to post much, much for often!

Cerries xxx
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