Display Dilemmas...

Well, here's the first general rambling post that I promised you all! ;0)

Something I have always found challenging about running a handmade jewellery business is displaying my jewellery at fairs and home jewellery parties. In the past, I made much larger, chunkier jewellery, which was difficult to fit into boxes. This presented problems when coming to display them on a table - making them look attractively laid out was really difficult.

I had my first home jewellery party last night since designing my new range, and I am so pleased at how it all looked together! I have spent over a year designing the pieces that are now in my range, and although I've had them displayed next to each other at home, it was really great to see them all together. The packaging in particular looked amazing - really sumptuous and just oozes quality. Sadly my camera decided to die on me last night, but I did manage to get a cheeky photo from one of the guests of the table laid out:

So apologies for the poor photo...but you get the idea! I was trying to dig out some photos of jewellery parties from yesteryear, to see how far I have come...

My range has come such a long way, and I'm so proud of what I have achieved. I think my display looks so much more professional now...I've finally got it just how I want it!!

Much love..

Cerries x
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2 Response to "Display Dilemmas..."

  1. lorenabr says:
    5 November 2011 at 23:52

    Wonderful pieces you have :)I like how you arranged it! Great job!

  2. Carabijoux says:
    6 November 2011 at 07:07

    Thank you Lorena! I hope you are keeping well xx

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