It's all in the tools.....

Hi everyone!

As a designer and maker of handmade jewellery, one of the pivotal parts of my business is the tools I use to create my designs. Like a painter with his prized paintbrush, and a chef who insists on only using the knife he bought at the start of his career that cost him a month's rent, my tools are the foundation of every piece of jewellery I make.

Over the last 20 years, I have experimented with all sorts of pliers, cutters, crimpers, nippers...the choice out there is overwhelming when it comes to choosing the tools of your trade! Gadgets that do ten things at once, round nosed pliers that double as nipper tools, magic crimping plier...the list is endless!

But you know what? One of my most trusted and favourite tools is a pair of pliers that I bought when I was 7 years old (well, I say 'I' bought parents bought them for me with my pocket money!). I went on my first jewellery making course when I was 7 in my hometown of Chester, and I felt so incredibly grown-up coming home with my own set of beautiful, red-handled pliers. Fully spring-loaded, with a fine rounded tip, they were my pride and joy - and I made endless pieces of jewellery with them.

I still use the very same pliers today...the spring is slightly squeaky, but they are just as reliable as they were 20 years ago. I have in excess of fifteen different pliers and cutters, but every time I use these pliers they remind me of my journey as a maker, and that inspires me to carry on my lifelong ambition of being a jewellery designer...

And here they are...the star of the show!

What tools do you use in your trade that you particularly love to use? If you're a writer, you may have a favourite fountain pen that you have used since high school, or if you are a nail technician you may have a beloved brush that just works with your hand perfectly...

I'd love to hear about your treasured tools!

C xxx
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1 Response to "It's all in the tools....."

  1. lorenabr says:
    2 December 2011 at 15:25

    I have one of those and they are great! :) My treasure tool is a special crochet hook! When it comes to my illustrations I have a favorite pen that I use like crazy! And I have a favorite brush that I illustrate with!

    I hope everything is fine with your little family!

    Enter my Christmas Campaign if you like!
    I wish you a great weekend!

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