I love a challenge.....!

Hey everyone!

As the title says...I love a good challenge! A friend of mine recently asked me to make a necklace for her - in the theme of 'Nail Technician'. My friend is a Nail Tech herself, and she really wanted a necklace in my style, that reflects her occupation (and love of her life!).

I spent quite a while researching different options - I found charms in the shape of nail varnish bottles, charms in the shape of hands and feet...even though they were cute, they didn't quite fit. Eventually, we came across a beautiful Sterling Silver nail file charm. It was perfect! I had it shipped in from the USA specially for Del, and paired it with a sparkling 8mm Swarovski Crystal Rivoli in AB...they look so beautiful together!

So here is the end result! I am able to make more of these Nail Tech necklaces on a custom basis - they cost £29.50, and have free International P&P. Or if anyone else has any interesting occupations I can try and design a necklace for that would be so exciting!

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1 Response to "I love a challenge.....!"

  1. lorenabr says:
    16 April 2011 at 15:06

    That looks amazing great job!

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